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Voor het wijzigen en opzeggen van een lopend digitaal abonnement via Pocketsmags.com neemt u direct contact op met Pocketsmags.com. Dit geldt voor eventuele vragen of klachten over de app.

How do I read a digital edition?

Every digital edition purchase you make on pocketmags.com (or through one of the apps) can be read on a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android mobile or tablet, Amazon Kindle Fire, Windows 10 desktop and tablets and Windows Phone 10.

To start reading just follow these simple steps:

  1. Make your purchase on Pocketmags.com
  2. Ensure you are logged into your account. Your magazines will appear in the My Library section of the site (accessed in the top navigation). Click on a cover to start reading.
  3. If you have a compatible mobile or tablet device you can download one of the leading apps so that you can enjoy your editions offline and on the go.

Click here for Apple
Click here for Google
Click here for Windows 10 Click here for Amazon Kindle Fire

Instructions on mobile and tablet reading, along with links to the apps, can be found on https://pocketmags.com/how-it-works. Need more help or information? Send an e-mail to help@pocketmags.com.

I have made a mistake with my order, am I eligible for a refund?

Purchase of magazines, newspapers, publications and products through Pocketmags.com are non-refundable after content has been purchased and viewed. Refunds will not be given for an active subscription period, but you may turn off subsequent auto-renewals in My Subscriptions. Any refund requests may be denied and an administration fee may be applied in any case where they are approved.

You can refer to the terms and conditions here https://pocketmags.com/terms-and-conditions to find out more.

Need more help or information? Send an e-mail to help@pocketmags.com.

How do I stop a recurring subscription?

If you ordered online through the Pocketmags website, to cancel a recurring subscription please click here: https://pocketmags.com/membersarea/mysubscriptions and then click the 'cancel renewal' option.

If you made your original purchase through either the Pocketmags app or an individual magazine app, you will need to cancel the subscription via your account with the respective App Store you purchased through.

Click here for Google Play
Click here for Apple
Click here for Amazon Newsstand

Need more help or information? Send an e-mail to help@pocketmags.com.

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